Quality system


Since 2006, home accommodation, guesthouse, holiday house, holiday village and holiday camping enterprises that are registered in the National Economic Register, can apply for a rural accommodation quality rank.

The necessity of the rural accommodation quality system: 
► the rank of the accommodation enterprise gives the client information of the level of the accommodation service and the quality;
► for the provider of accommodation service the using of ranks will help to increase the credibility of the enterprise;
► ranking requirements are helpful for entrepreneurs, who only plan to establish an accommodation enterprise;
► ranking requirements help the entrepreneur to better determine the needs and expectations of the target group of clients;
► working and accepted ranking system enhances the credibility of the tourism destination point and increases the competitiveness of entrepreneurs. 

The right to assign the ranks of accommodation enterprises was given to MTÜ Eesti Maaturism (Estonian Rural Tourism Association) until 2010 and takes place according to the confirmed rules. The rank is given to the accommodation enterprise for three years. After the expiration of the term the enterprise needs to renew the rank.

The rank of the accommodation enterprise is marked with a stylized image of the national flower:

    -  third rank accommodation enterprise
          -  second rank accommodation enterprise

No first ranks were given during this stage.

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