EHE mark

EHE (Ehtne ja huvitav Eesti – Genuine and Interesting Estonia)

Estonian Eco Tourism Society in co-operation with MTÜ Eesti Maaturism and several other relevant organizations launched in 2001 the system of eco labelling of tourism products EHE – Ehtne ja huvitav Eesti (Genuine and Interesting Estonia).
EHE-mark is a quality mark to label tourism products in compliance with the principles of eco tourism.
This is a system with which tourism enterprises can join on a voluntary basis.
The objective of the EHE-mark is to promote the principles of eco tourism among tourism enterprises, consumers and public.
Joining the system gives the tourism enterprise a competitive advantage and an output on a fast growing market share, the keywords of which are environmental awareness, genuine natural and cultural experiences.
By applying the EHE-mark to its products, the entrepreneur obliges to follow the principles of eco tourism and fulfil the requirements set to the products.

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